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The Chemical and Material Industry faces two main issues: the preparation for the increasing scarcity of resources, and the improvement and securing of extraction procedures. Confronting these issues has lead to the development of new, more secure and energy efficient methods and the integration of bio-resources, such as the concept of recycling.

The type of products associated with the Chemical and Material Industry are highly diverse: agricultural products, paint, industrial gases, petrochemicals, cosmetic products, cleaning products, textiles, metals, plastics, composites, biomaterials etc.

This industry requires the knowledge of treatment, measurement and analysis techniques, such as: molding, metal rolling, welding, deposition of thin layers, sintering, glass blowing, electronic microscopy, x-ray diffraction, nuclear microscopy, backscatter, neutron diffraction, etc. The R&D carried out in this industry, is mainly focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology.

One of the most important issues within the industry is the guarantee of the security of people and objects, to ensure the sustainability of a business. This concerns the plastics industry in particular, as well as that of synthetic rubber in its primary forms, food coloring and additives and cosmetic or petrochemical products.
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