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The principal industries identified within the Goods and Consumption Sector are the Textiles, Furniture, Personal Care Products and Production Machinery.

The Textile industry is mainly associated with the clothes and shoes production or more recently the development of high-tech / high-performance fabrics. In terms of innovation within the industry, current projects include the development of new types of fibers, hybrid materials and nanofibers.

With regards to the Furniture Industry, in reference to bedding and office furniture, the main issue lies in the sourcing of environmentally friendly products that equally meet the demands durable, comfortable and esthetically pleasing.

Personal Care Products Industry encompasses a large variety of products: perfumes, makeup, first aid treatments, sun cream, toothpaste, bath products, etc… Research and Development in this sector, is currently looking developing natural and plant based products whilst limiting the risks of these products for the both user and the environment.

The Production and Processing Machinery Industry is amongst the most innovative of sectors. R&D in this sector is most notably interested in the development of new techniques to revolutionize processes of manufacturing.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tabs and bar codes are being developed across all sectors, in order to improve the tracking and traceability of products.
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