High Performance Computing - 100 Experts [World]

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About the subject

High Performance Computing (HPC) is defined by the use of Supercomputers. It plays an important role in computational sciences. The first supercomputers appeared in the 1960’s, and their power has never stopped growing. Specialists estimate that the first computer able to reach 1 exaFLOPS will appear before 2020.

Expernova offers a variety of scientific and industrial experts.
For each player you will have a competency profile updated at time of order, a selection of focused work and a presentation of its network partners.

With these skills profiles, you can quickly understand the positioning of an expert to assess the scope of its work and choose the appropriate partner for your project.
Pack Profiles are generated and updated with the unique mapping technology developed by Expernova. Expernova data base is constantly growing, so each pack Profiles updated a data item is potentially different from other packs generated at other times on the same subject dates.

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Each report includes:

  • A selection of key concepts and skills
  • The scientific publications of the targeted expert on the subject of pack
  • The affiliation, that is to say, the establishment or undertaking connecting the expert
  • Targeted patents of the expert
  • The main partners of the expert (co-author of his works)
The number of pages depends on the selected profiles pack.
(Count from 3 to 5 pages per profile)
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Profiles pack are generated and updated with the unique mapping technology developed by Expernova.

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The Expernova's database is in constant development, and therefore each panorama updated on any date is potentially different from other packs generated dates on the same subject.Profiles pack are generated and updated with the unique mapping technology developed by Expernova.


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The essential document for implementing a successful Innovation strategy!

  • Key subject indicators
  • Profiles of key actor’s expertise and scientific skills
    (Experts, Universities, Businesses, Startups, Clusters ...)
    [Included in the packs profiles]
  • A Collaborations Network Map showing the links between the key actors
  • A selection of the most relevant scientific publications
    (Publications, patents, European projects, theses, web documents...)
According to your choice of pack, Expernova provides you with a selection of the top experts, academic research labs or companies working on the subject of interest.

For each actor you will have access to a skill profile, updated upon the day of the order, a selection of key scientific works and an overview of their collaborations network.
The number of profiles provided depends on the Pack chosen.

Increase in productivity for the teams dedicated to projects of innovation and the identification of new opportunities!

  • Identify the best experts to help in solving a problem
  • Choose your future research partners
  • Set up a collaborative project, create a consortium
  • Identify technological competitors
  • Put together a financial dossier or an application Research Tax Credit
The advantages of Expernova

Up to date profiles detailing scientific skills!

For over 6 years Expernova has worked with organizations of all sizes, all leaders in innovation across a wide range of industries such as energy, food and agriculture, transport, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications etc. In France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and the USA.

This document is put together with the use of a unique technology and data base which map out more than 400 scientific domains across 47 countries (Europe, Eastern Asia and North America). More than 8 million expert’s profiles have been generated and are automatically updated every month.

A team of research and technical / scientific data treatment specialists (doctors, engineers, data analysts) update the documents to ensure the structure and quality of information provided.